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Auto deploy your work from git forge

When you push some modifications on your repo, your server not update automatically. If you use webhooks, you can send push event to your server execute git pull on your repo. But we need to receive this push event, it's call a payload, we have to configure server to receive it and update repository.

To use webhooks, you can use Drone, this project is forked from adr1enbe4udou1n, thanks to him!

Drone will listen on a specific url, when it receive a payload, it will execute a git pull on your repository, and with a post-merge hook, you can execute some commands like npm install or composer install.


To install Drone, you need to have a server with Node.js, PM2 and NGINX installed.

After that, you can follow this documentation.

Git forge payload

To enabled GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket to send payload to your server, you need to configure it on your repository settings. You can see examples here.


When Drone is activated, it will execute a git pull on server's repository when you push anything on this repository. The next step is to configure a Git hook to execute some commands like npm install or composer install for example.

To know more about this, check Git hooks documentation.

When your post-merge hook is ready, Drone will automatically execute it on each push.

MIT License