When you push some modifications on your repo, your server not update automatically. If you use webhooks, you can send push event to your server execute git pull on your repo. But we need to receive this push event, it's call a payload, we have to configure server to receive it and update repository.

Setup drone to watch push events

Drone project is designed by adr1enbe4udou1n, I just clone his project, thanks to him!

To watch payloads, we need to have a tool to receive it. It's goal of drone project, just clone it on your server, where you want, here I choose to clone it to /home/jack/drone-manual. It's NodeJS app, so use PM2 to manage it.

Create drone with git clone in ~/

git clone https://gitlab.com/ewilan-riviere/drone drone-manual

Create ecosystem file

module.exports = {
  apps: [
      name: 'deploy',
      script: 'index.js',
      cwd: '/home/jack/drone-manual',
      env: {
        PORT: 3001
    // some projects

Then configure .env file, just copy .env.example to .env and fill it with infos:

  • PORT: port to deploy drone, 3000 by default
  • WEBHOOK_PATH: url where drone listen, when we will configure Nginx, we use dev.ewilan-riviere.com, so listen url will be dev.ewilan-riviere.com/deploy
  • PROJECTS_ROOT: absolute path where repositories cloned

Then create repositories.json into repo. It will useful only if remote have different name of cloned repo. But you need to have this file, even it's empty file.

  "portfolio-front": [

Then configure Nginx like it:

  • root: default root with just index.php
  • server_name: example url dev.ewilan-riviere.com
  • location /deploy: like WEBHOOK_PATH define in .env file
  • proxy_pass: 3000 is the PORT define in .env file

Don't forget to enable this config.


Setup repository webhook

GitHub example, webhooks are available into Settings/Webhooks. If you haven't configure HTTPS on your Nginx config disable SSL verification.

Git hooks

When repo is updated, you need to execute some commands like npm install or npm build for example. To do this, you can use git hooks, it's script that you can configure when git event triggered. Check repo/.git/hooks/ directory, it's available on all repositories and not gittable. If you want to execute commands after git pull, create a new script and name it post-merge.

At the root of repository create new bash script

vim .git/hooks/post-merge

Add commands to build app


yarn ; yarn build

Change rights on this file with this command:

sudo chmod 775 .git/hooks/post-merge

All commands in this scripts will be executed after git pull.

Git hooks examples



php artisan cache:clear
php artisan config:clear
php artisan view:clear

composer install
php artisan migrate:fresh --seed --force
php artisan config:cache
php artisan view:cache
php artisan route:cache
composer install --no-dev

pnpm i ; pnpm prod

VueJS with Yarn


pnpm i ; pnpm build

NuxtJS with pm2 - SSR mode

in this example it's NuxtJS application, yarn will build the app and pm2 restart daemon with pm2 restart app_id where app_id is the name of app in ecosystem.config.js


pnpm i ; pnpm build
pm2 restart app_id