Troubles with device

  • Prepare boot useb key with Rufus on Windows, just use windows.iso
  • Install Windows
  • In Windows, run Command Prompt as admin
  • Invoke a Safe Mode boot with the command: bcdedit /set {current} safeboot minimal
  • Restart the PC and enter your BIOS during bootup.
  • Change from IDE to AHCI mode then Save & Exit.
  • Windows 10 will launch in Safe Mode.
  • Right click the Window icon and select to run the Command Prompt in Admin mode from among the various options.
  • Cancel Safe Mode booting with the command: bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot
  • Restart your PC once more and this time it will boot up normally but with AHCI mode activated.

Machine: Dell 15 5584

  • Delete any program for Intel Storage Rapid
  • Right click on Windows logo, choose execute, type msconfig
  • Go to Startup tab, select safe boot and accept reboot
  • Go to the BIOS, System Configuration, SATA Operation, select AHCI
  • Reboot, if system boot on Linux, use Boot-repair to repair boot, if not, boot on LiveUSB and use Boot-repair
  • On Windows, you can login with password of Microsoft account (and not with secret code). If you have problems, keep shift and select reboot at the bottom right to trigger safe mode options
  • When you are login, disable safe mode and reboot, your system will be repaired now!

With MSI XPG X570 motherboard

  • make sure in UEFI settings to select USB key to boot on it
  • install linux (keep uefi install on nvme, choose any disk for root)
  • restart computer
  • if grub not work, got to uefi and select linux disk in priorities boot
  • repair grub if not work
  • grub have to work now