Remove DRM

When you buy an eBook it can have DRM protection, you could open and read it only with propriety software.


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Adobe DRM

When you buy an eBook it can have Adobe DRM protection: a small file with standard name URLLink.acsm. Basically, it's a file for Adobe Digital Editions software, it can be downloaded by this application and read only by this application. To erase it, you need to download Adobe Digital Editions to download eBooks, install it and open URLLink.acsm, Adobe Digital Editions will download the eBook and when it's done, you can click right on the eBook to choose Display file in explorer, you will find an EPUB file under protection.

Remove DRM

You need to have Calibre and DeDRM plugin (download last version, when Calibre it installed go to Preferences->Plug-ins, select Load plug-in from file and find DeDRM zip file that you downloaded. Install it and import EPUB file from Adobe file location, the DRM will be erased.

Source: Remove Adobe DRM article