Find PHP version.

php -i | find "PHP Version"

Find if PHP use thread safe or NTS

php -i | find "Thread Safety"

Download from official website

Download ImageMagick DLL from ImageMagick binaries like ImageMagick-*-HDRI-x64-dll.exe (with CPU 64 bits) and install.

Download with scoop

Alternative is scoop but, when I write this guide the download link is broken.

scoop install imagemagick

Install imagick PECL

PHP use interface to use ImageMagick, this interface works with PECL. You have to download last version on PECL. Choose your PHP version with thread safety and architecture. For me, it's 7.4 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x64 for PHP 7.4 NTS.

Extract the archive, find php_imagick.dll and put it into ext directory of your PHP version. Like C:\Users\USERNAME\scoop\apps\php7.4-nts\7.4.30\ext for my version.

When DLL is in extensions, you can edit php.ini in C:\Users\eriviere\scoop\apps\php7.4-nts\7.4.30 to add extension without php_*.dll.


You can find your php.ini with this command.

php --ini

Check if ImageMagick works with PHP

Restart your terminal.

Try to find imagick in the output of this command.

php -i