Deployment: iOS

When your app is ready, you will have to deploy it.

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Last update: November 28, 2021

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Clean cache

Before to deploy iOS app, you need to clean cache

  • Close Xcode
  • Execute cleaning
flutter clean ; rm -Rf ios/Pods ; rm -Rf ios/.symlinks ; rm -Rf ios:Flutter/Flutter.framework ; rm -Rf ios/Flutter/Flutter.podspec ; rm ios/Podfile.lock ; flutter pub get ; cd ios ; pod update ; cd ../

Uncheck Runner

In Xcode, select Runner, select TARGETS/Runner, select Build phases, open Copy Bundle Resources and remove if you find it into list of files.

In project navigator, find Runner/Info.plist, open it and, at right side you have to see Target membership, uncheck Runner if checked.


  • Keychain Access->Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authorithy
    • email: apple developper account
    • Save on disk: name.certSigninRequest
  • on>Certificates->Add button
    • Apple Development->upload name.certSigninRequest->Download development.cer->click on it to add to Keychain Access
    • Apple Distributtion->upload name.certSigninRequest->Download distribution.cer->click on it to add to Keychain Access
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    • Build Settings->Build Options: Enable Bitcode = Yes